ACO K100S TRENCH DRAIN (go to Home Drain)

The world’s most popular general purpose trench drain system is available with a wide variety of grates in different materials, slot configurations, and load ratings. Grates are secured into the channel by ACO’s patented boltless locking device - QuickLok. KlassikDrain’s interconnecting polymer concrete channels feature an integrally cast-in galvanized (K100S) or stainless steel wearing edge rail (KS100S), and come in sloped and neutral depths. A full range of accessories completes the system.

Typical applications

Parking lots & garages
Shopping malls
Pedestrian areas
Light industrial areas
Commercial areas
Internal applications


KlassikDrain - Features


Wide choice of grates in various materials and sytles (including ADA compliant) for applications from Load Class A to Load Class E 

4" internal width trench system - meter (39.37") and half meter (19.69") channel. 'U' shaped bottom improves flow hydraulics.

Interconnecting end profiles allow easy and effective joining of channels. Appropriate sealand can be used to created a sealed joint.

QuickLok - patented, boltless locking system provides quick fitting and removal of grates. Helps reduce installation / maintenance time and cost
Sloped (0.6%) channel units -
meter long units provide 98'-5" continuous slope. Neutral units can be used to extend run lengths.

Direction arrows
on the sides of the channel indicate flow direction and ensure channels are installed correctly.
Bottom drill-outs are included on all channel units to allow vertical evacuation of the system along the run. Schedule 40 drill outs are sized for 4" and 6" pipes.
Note: for 6" pipes, an oval to round adaptor is required (Part No. 95140).
Integrally cast-in galvanized steel edge rail provides additional strength and protects channel body from damage. (Stainless steel edge rail also available - KS100S).

Polymer concrete
- a durable, yet lightweight material made from polyester resin binder reinforced by mineral aggregates and fillers. It provides up to four times the compressive strength of cement concrete.

Profiled side walls
- strengthening pillars and frost keys provide channel body strength and mechanical keying to surrounding concrete.